Wes Causey

Playing Paintball Since: 1999

Player History:

Competition History:

December 21st - Evil 5-man; Tucson, AZ
November 25th - Cal Jam; Corona, CA
April 30-May 4th - 10-man NPPL; Las Vegas, NV
Oct 18-26th - 10-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

June 14-16th - 5-man PAN AM-major, S.D., CA
June 30th - 3-man Wild West Tourney, Tucson, AZ
Sept 13-15th - 5-man PAN AM-major, Seattle, WA
Dec 6th-8th - Las Vegas, NV


"Always play to your fullest. Never hold back."

"Paintball is a way of life---not just a game."


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