Ron Christensen

Team Captain

a.k.a. "Captain Ape"

Playing Paintball Since: 1985

Player History:
Began playing paintball at S.C. Village in Corona, CA. First gun used was a Sheridan PGP. First gun bought was a Sheridan KP3 Rifle (pump-action). First semi-auto bought was a Brass Eagle Stingray. Now owns and uses an AutoCocker.
Often organized and played "recreational games" between 1985 and 1995.
Founding member of the Dynamite Bush Apes.

Competition History:

2004- Retired from active play

Contributes ongoing to the team in a more administrative role. Including sponsorship possibilities, coaching, magazine coverage and
keeping all DBA historical archives.

For info, please contact:

November 25th - Cal Jam; Corona, CA
April 30-May 4th - 10-man NPPL; Las Vegas, NV
Oct 18-26th - 10-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

Jan 6th - 5-man PAN AM-affiliate; Maricopa, AZ
Feb 22-24th - 5-man PAN AM-major; Maricopa, AZ

Mar. 18th - 4-man "Sudden Impact"; Tucson, AZ
Oct. 25-29th - 5-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

May 7th - 1-man "Top Gun"; Corona, CA
July 16th - 5-man "Tropical Illusion"; Corona, CA
Oct 28th - 1-man "Wild West"; Chandler, AZ
Dec 10th - 3-man "Breakout"; Maricopa, AZ

Mar. 26-28th - 5-man GWS Major; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
May 28-30th - 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA
July 30-Aug. 1st - 5-man GWS Major; Portland, OR
Sept 24-26th - 5-man GWS Major; Fresno, CA
Oct. 24th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
Nov. 19-21st - 5-man GWS Major; Turtle Bay, HI

Feb. 15th - 2-man; Marana, AZ
Mar. 8th - 3-man; Cowtown (Phx), AZ
Apr. 5th - 5-man; Corona, CA
Apr. 17th - 10-man GWS Major; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 18-19th
- 5-man GWS Major; Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Cowtown (Phx), AZ
Nov. 20-22nd
- 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA

Oct. 26th - 2-man; Marana, AZ

Jan. 21st
- 5-man California Cup; Fresno, CA
Feb. 4th - 7-man APPL (Arizona Paintball Players League) Round 1; Wickenburg, AZ
Mar. 31st - 7-man APPL Round 2; Marana, AZ
May 5th - 7-man APPL Round 3; Wickenburg, AZ
June 29-30th - 5-man NAAPSA; Corona, CA
July 21st - 7-man APPL Round 4; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 15th - 7-man APPL Round 5; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 21st - 5-man APL; Semi Valley, CA
Oct. 22-23rd - 5-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

May 5th - 5-man Open; Marana, AZ
Sept. 17th - 7-man Arizona State Championship; Prescott, AZ
Nov. 18th - 3-man "Cut Throat"; Marana, AZ


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