Playing Paintball Since: 1997

Player History:
Started playing paintball in 1997 with a Tiger Shark pump gun. Began competing as a Rookie with the Dynamite Bush Apes, in 2002. Start practicing for tournaments with a Pirana STS, then switched, and now uses an AutoMag.

Competition History:

December 21st - Evil 5-man; Tucson, AZ
November 25th - Cal Jam; Corona, CA
April 30-May 4th - 10-man NPPL; Las Vegas, NV
Oct 18-26th - 10-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

Jan 6th - 5-man PAN AM-affiliate; Maricopa, AZ
Feb 22-24th - 5-man PAN AM-major; Maricopa, AZ
June 14-16th - 5-man PAN AM-major, S.D., CA
June 30th - 3-man Wild West Tourney, Tucson, AZ
Sept 13-15th - 5-man PAN AM-major, Seattle, WA
Dec 6-8th - Las Vegas, NV

"Communication is the key! Find people to run with whom you can talk freely on, and off, the field."

"DBA play fair because it's fun that way."

"Don't think of helping a newbie as a waste of time. Think of it as, a deposit toward the future of this great sport."

  Any questions, call Rob (520) 241-3184

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