"Having played with the DBA in the past at various tournaments and at their practice field I can attest to the fact that they do indeed KICK ASS!! They have always chosen the most honest path with regard to paintball in general, even though the competition may choose not to. And while this can become frustrating at times it has never changed or altered their philosophy about the game. They have continued to improve year after year with- out compromising their honesty or integrity in any way. Unwavering determination, loyalty to one another, and the ability to never lose sight of the fact that winning by any other means than the most honest and agressive play, is not an option for the BushApes. Not now, not ever. Players who feel it's acceptable to wipe, play on after being hit, or even those who want to play to a draw, have no place on the DBA . This is the way it was when I played with them and this is the way it will always be. And that, is why the DBA kicks ass!!!"

Dave "former Bush Ape" Wise
a.k.a. Dave "Barbie" Wise



Dave Wise

a.k.a. "Dig-In Dave"

a.k.a. "Barbie"

Playing Paintball Since: 1995

Player History:
Began playing paintball with Ron, Chris, Lupe, and others in recreational games at a "renegade field" known to the DBA as the Dynamite field in 1995.
Got "hooked" quickly and purchased a MiniMag within a month. His skills also developed quickly and he was a founding member of the Dynamite Bush Apes.
Played in DBA 's first tournament in 1995, and continued to play through the World Cup at the end of the 1996 season.

Competition History:

May 5th - 5-man Open; Marana, AZ
Sept. 17th - 7-man Arizona State Championship; Prescott, AZ
Nov. 18th - 3-man "Cut Throat"; Marana, AZ

Jan. 21st
- 5-man California Cup; Fresno, CA
Feb. 4th - 7-man APPL (Arizona Paintball Players League) Round 1; Wickenburg, AZ
Mar. 31st - 7-man APPL Round 2; Marana, AZ
May 5th - 7-man APPL Round 3; Wickenburg, AZ
June 29-30th - 5-man NAAPSA; Corona, CA
July 21st - 7-man APPL Round 4; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 15th - 7-man APPL Round 5; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 21st - 5-man APL; Semi Valley, CA
Oct. 22-23rd - 5-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL


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