Chris Vernam

Playing Paintball Since: 1985

Player History:
Began playing paintball at S.C. Village in Corona, CA. First gun used was a Sheridan PGP. First gun bought was a Sheridan KP3 Rifle (pump-action). First semi-auto bought was a Tippman Pro-Am. Final tournament gun he owned was this MicroMag(click to see it).
Often organized and played "recreational games" between 1985 and 1995.
Founding member of the Dynamite Bush Apes. Played in all tournaments attended by the DBA during the 1995 and 1996 season. After an extended hiatus from paintball in 1997, returned to the DBA in October of 1998.
Competed in one more exciting, fun-filled year of tournament play, and he and the Team went on to finish the 1999 season finishing 5th, overall in the Ameteur Division of the Great Western Series.

Competition History:


Mar. 26-28th - 5-man GWS Major; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
May 28-30th - 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA
July 30-Aug. 1st - 5-man GWS Major; Portland, OR
Sept 24-26th - 5-man GWS Major; Fresno, CA
Oct. 24th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
Nov. 19-21st - 5-man GWS Major; Turtle Bay, HI

Oct. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Cowtown (Phx), AZ
Nov. 20-22nd
- 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA
Dec. 6th - 2-man; Marana, AZ

Did Not Compete

Jan. 21st
- 5-man California Cup; Fresno, CA
Feb. 4th - 7-man APPL (Arizona Paintball Players League) Round 1; Wickenburg, AZ
Mar. 31st - 7-man APPL Round 2; Marana, AZ
May 5th - 7-man APPL Round 3; Wickenburg, AZ
June 29-30th - 5-man NAAPSA; Corona, CA
July 21st - 7-man APPL Round 4; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 15th - 7-man APPL Round 5; Prescott, AZ
Sept. 21st - 5-man APL; Semi Valley, CA
Oct. 22-23rd - 5-man NPPL World Cup; Orlando, FL

May 5th - 5-man Open; Marana, AZ
Sept. 17th - 7-man Arizona State Championship; Prescott, AZ
Nov. 18th - 3-man "Cut Throat"; Marana, AZ


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