Ben Ramirez

Playing Paintball Since: 1989

Player History:
Began playing paintball with his Tibetan Master between games of Scrabble. First method of propelling paintballs was the Force. First began playing competitively during the Chinese invasion of Southern Tibet, where he defended a small village with a Nelspot and several irregularly shaped pebbles. (I have the scar on my finger to prove it.) Now plays with a MiniMag and can often be seen standing on the sidelines wondering how he got shot out so early. Often tells scrimmage partners the wrong field locations, complains if people aren't ready to play by 5 am, and tries to cut out early so he can go hang out with geeks. Any team willing to say he played with them before '98 please contact him at the address below.

Competition History:

May 9th - 3-man; Cowtown (Phx), AZ
Oct. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Cowtown (Phx), AZ
Nov. 20-22nd
- 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA
Nov. 29th - 4-man; Marana, AZ
Dec. 6th - 2-man; Marana, AZ

Mar. 26-28th - 5-man GWS Major; Las Vegas, NV
Apr. 18th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
May 28-30th - 5-man GWS Major; San Diego, CA
July 30-Aug. 1st - 5-man GWS Major; Portland, OR
Sept 24-26th - 5-man GWS Major; Fresno, CA
Oct. 24th - 5-man GWS-affiliate; Marana, AZ
Nov. 19-21st - 5-man GWS Major; Turtle Bay, HI

May 7th - 1-man "Top Gun"; Corona, CA
July 16th - 5-man "Tropical Illusion"; Corona, CA
Oct 28th - 1-man "Wild West"; Chandler, AZ
Dec 10th - 3-man "Breakout"; Maricopa, AZ

  Other Interests: Computer and video gaming.

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