1995-98 Tournament Results

5-man Open
Marana, AZ
- May 5, 1995
The DBA team was Ron, Chris, Lupe, Dave, and Roger. This was the first tournament DBA attended and we did very well competing head-to-head with some of the top teams in Arizona at the time. The day was very hot---temperatures were over 100 degrees and we learned the value of bringing plenty of water to a tournament. DBA advanced into the Finals and was finally eliminated from the tournament by Fates Warning A. DBA finished the tournament 3rd overall. Teams opposing the DBA included Iron Triangle, Fates Warning A and B, Relentless Pursuit, Devil Dogs A and B, and Splatter Madness. After this tournament, the teams of Arizona knew the Dynamite Bush Apes were going to be back.

7-man APPL - Round 3
Wickenburg, AZ - May 5, 1996

The DBA team was Ron, Chris, Lupe, Dave, Lance, Jeramie, and Sam. DBA advanced into the Finals and finished the tournament 4th overall. Teams opposing the DBA included Sidewinders A, B, and C, Devil Dogs A, C, and D, Fates Warning, Unit One, Relentless Pursuit, and Magnificent Seven.

When the Dynamite Bush Apes decided to compete in tournament paintball, it was priority that the team play competetive yet honorably. We want paintball to continue to be fun for us. We hear stories all the time about tournament paintball teams that aren't having fun anymore because they are "playing to win". Well, if playing to win means wiping a few hits or playing on after being hit, then this team won't be "playing to win". Every player on this team not only understands and agrees on this but insists upon it from each other.

Having fun, remaining friends, and playing honorably and continued practice is what makes this team stronger.

We play to win... but we refuse to cheat for a piece of plastic.


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