Directions to the Jungle

The Dynamite Bush Apes often practice at the Jungle. "The Jungle" is a nickname for this area because of its dense tree cover (which also makes it a tiny bit more tolerable in the summer heat). There are no field fees here, because this is not an officially-run field---it's what we commonly refer to as a "renegade field." You must be responsible for yourself. If you come out, please respect the property and the other players out here.

Directions: Take I-60 East past where the Renaissance Festival is held every year. Keep going on I-60 past the Florence Juction. Look for the turn-off to Queen Valley/Whitlow Dam and turn left. Go to Hewit Station Rd, which is also marked with a brown forestry marker as Road 357, and turn right. Follow this dirt road approxiamtely 2 miles to another road marked with a brown forestry sign as Road 3493, and turn left. Go back to the cattle guard and the edge of the trees. Depending on the condition of the road, we sometimes park here, or we may be able to drive down into the trees. (The road can get a bit rough at times. You may risk damaging or getting your vehicle stuck---drive at your own risk.) We play just a couple hundred yards down the road, past the cattle guard.

See you there! Note: If you're coming out to join us for one of our practices, be sure you check our message board, before you leave, and get the latest on our plans.

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